Gocap is a smart cap for insulin pens that logs doses for you.

Throw out your paper logbook

Gocap logs your insulin doses automatically, so you don't have to record every dose by hand. It's as simple as push, twist and click — and your insulin dose is recorded on your Gocap. It's the most convenient way to keep a log.

Let your phone be your guide

With the Gocap app, you can connect to your smartphone wirelessly to see your dose logbook, glucose readings, and meals. Gocap App can remind you to take your insulin or test your blood sugar and give you feedback on how you're doing — bringing you peace of mind.

Cut down on the hassle

Gocap App lets you share your logbook with your doctor, caregiver, family, and friends. When they can see your logbook in real time, you'll be able to make better informed decisions about your treatment together.

How It Works

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